Rogoznica - south direction 14 days, Dubrovnik

Rogoznica - south direction 14 days, Dubrovnik

Day 1: Rogoznica, the base Marina Frapa – Komiža town, island Vis

  • Arrival to the base, check-in procedure and documents’ registration and accommodation on board the yacht
  • Supplying at the store in the base, local fish-market and farmers’ market
  • Sailing S to Komiža town on the island Vis
  • Overnight stay at the harbor (moorings / buoys)
  • Komiža – the birthplace of organized fishery at the Croatian Adriatic; the Fishermen’s museum keeps the world’s greatest collection of fishermen’s knots

Day 2: Komiža town, island Vis – Modra špilja (the Blue Cave), island Biševo - Vis town, island Vis

  • Sailing SW to the island Biševo, a visit to the Blue Cave (Modra špilja) natural phenomenon
  • Sailing alongside the S coast of the island
  • Lunch and swim/snorkel break at one of the virgin coves or at Budihovac islet on the SE side of the island (anchor, buoy, tavern)
  • Overnight stay at the water / electric current supplied berth or a buoy
  • Recommended – dinner in the inland of the island at one of the genuine taverns (lamb or seafood specialties)

Day 3: Vis town, island Vis - island Lastovo (Zaklopatica, Lastovo town; Skrivena Luka, Jurjeva luka, Pasadur…)

  • Sailing SE to the island Lastovo
  • Lunch and swim/snorkel break at one of the virgin bays on the islet Mrčara or the NW side of the island Lastovo
  • Overnight stay on the anchor at Jurjeva luka or some of the bays nearby Pasadur; on the berth or anchor at Skrivena luka bay (the Hidden Harbour); or at the berth belonging to one of the restaurants at Zaklopatica bay
  • Recommended – visit to the Lastovo town, old and preserved genuine Dalmatian town lying in the tiny valley in the inland of the island. Restaurants at Zaklopatica bay serve fresh fish and genuine seafood specialties
  • Notice: the overnight stay ticket is charged at Lastovo and its archipelago as they are protected natural reserve

Day 5: island Lastovo – Korčula town, island Korčula

  • Lunch and swim / snorkel break at one of the beaches / coves nearby Lumbarda, island Korčula; or at islet Badija, nearby Korčula town – turquoise waters and sandy seabed
  • Overnight stay on the water / electric current supplied berths at ACI marina Korčula
  • Korčula town: a south-Dalmatian gem of medieval architecture – stone made city walls, fortresses and tiny streets. The sward dance Moreška is kept as a tradition since late 15th century. The town is also known as the birthplace of famous medieval explorer Marco Polo.

Day 6: Korčula town, island Korčula – Pomena, island Mljet

  • Sailing SE to Pomena at the NW cape of island Mljet
  • Overnight stay at town port’s water / electric current equipped berth
  • Recommended: overnight stay at a berth belonging to one of the local restaurants (such as Konoba Nine tavern)
  • Not to miss: a visit to Mljet National Park – natural heritage reserve, two salt lakes with a footpath / cycling path around them; half or whole day trip

Day 7: Pomena, island Mljet – Šipanska luka, island Šipan

  • Sailing ESE to the Elafiti archipelago
  • Swim /snorkeling break at one of the coves within the archipelago
  • Overnight stay at Šipanska luka – water / electric current equipped berths or at the anchor
  • Recommended – dinner at “Kod Marka” tavern. Exquisite local seafood specialties and wine list

Day 8: Šipanska luka, island Šipan – Cavtat, mainland

  • Sailing SE alongside the coast and Dubrovnik city walls, to the Cavtat town on the mainland
  • Overnight stay at city waterfront or at the anchor
  • Cavtat: Croatia’s southernmost city, a gem of medieval architecture and contemporary tourism

Day 9: Cavtat, mainland – Dubrovnik, mainland

  • Sailing NW to the Dubrovnik’s bridge; heading NE through the canyon of the Rijeka Dubrovačka river
  • Overnight stay at ACI marina Dubrovnik at Komolac
  • Sightseeing Dubrovnik; transfer to the old city core by taxi, shuttle or public transport (bus)
  • Dubrovnik: Croatia’s most famous tourist destination, the symbol of freedom since medieval times, culture summer festival and melting pot of Mediterranean and /or south Croatian coast

Day 10: Dubrovnik, mainland – Kobaš, peninsula Pelješac / Slano / Ston (mainland)

  • Sailing W and NW through the Elafiti archipelago to Kobaš bay at peninsula Pelješac
  • Swim / snorkeling break at one of the hidden bays within the archipelago (sandy beach at Šunj, island Lopud)
  • Overnight stay at Kobaš bay on water / electric current equipped berth belonging to the authentic tavern (konoba Niko)
  • Possible visit to Ston town by tavern owner’s shuttle
  • Slano – brand new ACI marina
  • Ston: the ancient salt pans; a series of medieval defensive stone walls, mussels, oysters, clams and other seafood specialties

Day 11: Kobaš, peninsula Pelješac / Slano / Ston (mainland) – islet Šćedro

  • Sailing W and NW to the islet Šćedro, between islands Korčula and Hvar
  • Uninhabited island with beautiful hidden bays, beaches and coves
  • Overnight stay on the buoy or anchor
  • Dinner at the authentic fisherman’s tavern (konoba)

Day 12: islet Šćedro – Milna, island Brač

  • Sailing NW alongside the shores of island Hvar, rounding cape Pelegrin and heading the strait of Split
  • Overnight stay at ACI marina Milna on the island of Brač
  • Recommended – a visit to local agriculture in the inland of the island. Genuine local lamb specialties

Day 13: Milna, island Brač – Split, mainland

  • Saiing N to the Split town
  • Overnight stay at ACI marina Split
  • Split: the center of Dalmatia, founded by ancient Roman emperor Diokletian over 1700 yers ago. Sightseeing, vibrant evening and night-life, exquisite gastronomy offer

Day 14: Split, mainland - Rogoznica, the base Marina Frapa Rogoznica

  • Sailing NW alongside the coast
  • Swim /snorkeling break at one of the coves SE from Rogoznica (Kanica, Poganica, Stori Trogir)
  • Return to the base at Marina Frapa in the late afternoon
  • Dinner at the base or in Rogoznica centre
  • Overnight stay and check-out procedure the next morning
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